TPP: Treasonous Preparation for the Plummet

      Sophia Schooley

If I were to ask myself who the biggest enemies of the American People are, I’d have to say the billionaire class together with the biggest multi-national corporations and the Chinese government. China has not overtly shown aggression, but it’s very easy to see how they, together with the biggest multi-nationals, are jockeying us into position for one final shove into the abyss. Long before Thom Hartmann sited this excellent article by Barry C. Lynn on his radio program, I have felt this in my bones.

To paraphrase Pres. Richard Nixon, who opened the door to trade with China in 1972; “If we don’t find a way to have discussions, we are on a collision course, years ahead.” China has very skillfully eroded us from within. They will reap a windfall when the global economy crashes just like the robber barons did after the crash of ’29 and the bankster’s and the 1% did after ’08. China, in collusion with multi-nationals, participated in the process of drying up our Government’s revenue stream by taking our jobs, thus crushing our tax base. Corporations itching to pay pennies on the dollar in terms of wages hired Chinese workers, corrupted our political process, put a profit motive in militarization and detention, watered down our regulatory and trade policy  and creatied a massive trade deficit. China holds the lion’s share of global rare earth minerals and gold reserves. They lent us money they knew our Government would spend on the militarization of most of the world so they wouldn’t have to. Then, our own government spent more on the militarization of local police jurisdictions. At the same time, our Government refuses to spend a dime on crumbling infrastructure etc. Does anyone but me see a pattern here? When we can no longer afford the cheap crap they sell at Wall-mart, they will  come and harvest what resources we have left.

trea•son (trēˈzən):

  • Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
  • n.
    A betrayal of trust or confidence.

In my admittedly limited experience, ask any American conservative who they feel the biggest enemy of the US is and I bet most will parrot, “Obama!”. I hate to say it, I mean I really do…but are they right? The Obama administration threatens to jail members of congress if they tell the people they represent the truth about and the details of an agreement with multi-national agents regarding commerce and trade. Our own government is spying relentlessly on it’s own citizens. Our own local governments are gunning us down with impunity in most cases…especially if one is African American. Our own Dept. of Justice refuses to hold Corporate crooks who are destroying our society, accountable. Our own Federal agencies send us letters demanding access to confidential material and threaten us with arrest if we even speak to a lawyer regarding said correspondence. Washington seems to show much more loyalty to China than to it’s own people. We know the DOJ and the Pentagon are arming our police as though preparing them for war against the average American.

Obama says we have to do this deal because of China?…He’s right. We do. We must do away with US sovereignty for China’s sake, after all, they hold the purse strings. China and the big multi-nationals are licking their chops like hyenas going in for the kill. There is no population on Earth despised by big multi-national corps. more than Americans. In their eyes, we cost too much and demand too high a standard of living. The Chinese Gov. couldn’t agree more. Our 20th century was at the expense of most of it’s people in terms of global economy & resource consumption. There’s is a many thousands of years-old economy, once known as the Silk Road. China’s possible perspective? DARE the USA, this young, up-start of a nation, seize control of the world’s assets.

My sense is that if TPA/TPP doesn’t pass, the WTO will decree it the law of the Land… & Sea, globally, whether we like it or not. If a French Corp. can sue Egypt because they raised their minimum wage, who’s to say any corporation couldn’t sue any government over having to pay ANY wage? After all, don’t wages interfere with potential future profits? Fox Con, a Chinese factory, put nets around it’s buildings to catch abused workers who try to jump to their deaths. Remember the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh two years ago?  Workers were not allowed to leave even though they knew the building was about to collapse. I remember hearing of a pregnant woman trapped in the rubble. She gave birth while trapped and she & her baby were later found dead. I don’t mean to sound hyperbolic, in a prison labor camp, anyone? I know I sound alarmist, but it seems Americans are so deeply asleep they need a pretty @#*%!!-ing loud alarm clock to wake up.

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This Blog…

…is a forum for me to say some things that I hope are truly important. Because there are so very many voices more eloquent than mine who speak along the same lines, I seek to publish on existing blogs rather than this one and use this forum to promote those voices. One amazing woman I feel I must reccomend and would be even if I did not have a post on her site, is Carolyn Baker. Carolyn is one of the few writers/talk show hosts in the world who is looking at the truth behind the scientific as well as spiritual aspects of climate change and other truths of our age and their implications for the future of Mother Earth. Check out her site and her books. You can read my post on her site here;  Re-Imagining Prosperity

As a musician and writer, I am also a strong proponent of the Open Source Movement. It is critical that we change not only our energy paradigm, but our life style/economic one as well. If climate change doesn’t get us, pollution, capitalism and fascism will.

I hope to compile a list of links that will help spread the word on this issue. If you have a link or other key info around this issue you would like me to post on this blog, email me.

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Get Wheeler to save open internet access…

Below is a letter I wrote to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. Please write to him and urgently request him to change the rules to regulate broadband as a utility;

Feel free to cut and paste some or all of the letter below and sign your name if you like…

Dear Chairman Wheeler

Since the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine and laws limiting media monopolies, I have watched the gradual degradation of American Media and American Society along with it. Commercial News media in the US has gone from news in the public interest to a Freak Show of anecdotal half truths that serve no purpose other than to distract Americans at best, and blatant lies at worst.  Media has the power to shape history. Today, Dr. King would never be allowed a microphone or even a bullhorn. If the media covered Martin Luther King today, they would be fumbling with their carefully crafted corporate scripts, ignoring the crowds being beaten as they cross the bridge in Selma. We wouldn’t hear the exuberance as Dr. King shouts, “I have a DREAM…” No one would know of Dr. King’s dream, let alone the dreams of countless thousands. The 5 mega-corporations that have seized control of American media would crush any hope of civil rights for laborers, African Americans, women, and minorities. We might even descend back into an era of slavery…this time, some poor will be owned by the rich, the rest left to live in the squalor of decaying infrastructure, poverty and pollution.

Now, the last shred of a free press hangs in the balance; a free and open internet. You MUST move quickly to reclassify broadband carriers as public utilities, subject to the same rules as such. As powerful as your office is, even you, Sir, will not be invited to the party when the curtain falls. Please ask yourself..what kind of society do you want to live in? A civil one I hope, where all are indeed guaranteed certain inalienable civil rights. I believe the time has come to break up these media monopolies, restore the Fairness Doctrine, and return integrity to our commercial media. We should also endeavor to insure that our internet remains, for it is the last bastion of freedom of speech. Thank you for your time.


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“I Won’t shut down the give me $3Billion”

Sophia Schooley


Of course I was only paraphrasing Sen. McConnel, but this Kentuckian groans in humiliation even as she sighs with relief…for now. As if having, as Steven Colbert so aptly put it, a human-turtle hybrid as my rep. in the Senate wasn’t embarrassing enough…nothing against turtles mind you, for the most part they are benevolent, but not so much in this case. Last night Mitch McSnapper, a tax and spend CONservative, (tax the poor to spend on the rich) squeezed 3 BILLION $$ for KY out of the pockets of the poor who have been without work and in some cases food since the shut down. (not to mention the countless lives that will be ruined by the draconian cuts which look as if they might become permanent). Supposedly, we need a dam, but for the life of me I can’t think where we’d need one THAT big.

For the moment, the multinational corporate plutocraps have manipulated the strings of their T-puppets into concession. They chose to delay bringing about the world-wide financial chaos they so desperately want in order to maneuver into power in a final bid for global fascist control. This I’m guessing, is because the Supreme Court has not yet rendered voters completely impotent, another thing my illustrious cold-blooded reptilian Senator has groveled for within the last 10 days. Once SCROTUS waves that flag of surrender, they know the vote will be warm putty in their hands. The worse their ratings in the polls, the more intoxicated by the potential of absolute power they will become, cackling like drunken, evil witches around a cauldron.

We will not stop voting, we will never stop speaking out.


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…If Corporate “persons” ‘stand their ground’?

Sophia Schooley

We are all aware of the infamy of ‘Citizen’s United’, declaring corporations as persons and money as speech. While we knew it would render our political system a gluttonous, whoring debauchery, I, for one, could never have foreseen what is taking shape before me now.  As such it would seem these ‘persons’ are more like evil villains with super powers. Their voices are heard everywhere. They have the ability to apply force many thousands of times greater than a mere locomotive or speeding bullet.  They are almost omnipresent. As such, their rights trump those of natural persons every time. So, what happens now that we know any person in a “stand your ground” state can kill anyone they deem a threat without consequence? What happens when one of these villains with superpowers feels “threatened” by a peaceful protestor? That is what we stray dangerously close to if the Zimmerman precedent stands. These “shoot first” laws originated with ALEC, a bunch of the biggest, meanest, most powerful  Super Villains. Are they chomping at the bit to mow us down with impunity? With trade agreements shaping and even trumping national law it’s horrifying to imagine what their motives are.  Let’s take the the ‘person’ Gogebic Taconite (sounds like kryptonite). They had hired another super-villain, Bulletproof Securities to ‘stand their ground’ for them, to help them cope with peaceful protestors, now referred to as “eco-terrorists”. Bulletproof Securities is not licensed in WI, so Gogebic Taconite has temporarily suspended their contract with them while they apply for licensure and replaced them with militia men

who are members of a group called the Watchmen of America.

If a single person can get away with stalking and killing an unarmed child, as if hunting for sport, how then are we to defend ourselves from the villains with super powers? Referring to us as eco-terrorists turns logic on it’s head. Those with super human powers destroying the land, air and water in ways more unspeakable than anything read in a Stephen King novel are claiming to be the victims of terrorism while unarmed pacifists trying to stop the destruction are labeled terrorists? If the Anti-Christ is what I think it is, everything that is the opposite of what Jesus stood for, everything that is evil made “good” and all that is good, “evil”…then this is the Ant-Christ fundamentalists should be focused on. If the space ships are coming, I hope they land soon.

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An open Letter…

Sophia Schooley

In response to:  Melissa Harris-Perry;

Dear Melissa Harris-Perry

Inspired by your open letter segment, I decided to to write a letter to you. I have enjoyed you ever since you were a guest on MSNBC as a Princeton professor some years back. I continue to be saddened by the circus that has become most of the media’s negative focus on Edward Snowden, rather than the information he revealed.  Private corporations are using the NSA, and doubtless also the FBI, CIA, DHS, the Pentagon etc. to put into place the apparatus necessary to crack down on civil liberties in ways most Americans can’t even conceive of. Just consider the implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement currently being negotiated in secret that will give multi-national corporations the authority to override laws passed by elected public servants in democracies around the world. Under the TTIP as well as TPP, “trade partners” will grant themselves the authority to sue any country who’s financial or environmental protection laws stand in the way of profit, bleeding tax payers dry. Although I see your point about true activists and whistle blowers facing the music, I don’t think it’s our government Snowden fears as much as mega corporations like the Carlyle Group, who owns Booz Allen Hamilton. Does it occur to anyone in #nerdland that #snowden is trying to draw attention to the extreme lengths that, not the US Gov. as it was, but multinational corps that control gov, will go to apprehend him? Is it Snowden that is creating the spectacle of  closing air space over all of southwestern Europe forcing down the plane of a nation’s president in error?..or is it the Corporate controlled US government? What if a Chinese citizen, having exposed Chinese spying in USA came here seeking internationally legal and sanctioned asylum? Would we be so quick to condemn him to torture, which is what Manning was exposed to.

He left the country because it was the only way to expose the information. They would have seized him before it got to press if he’d opened his mouth on U.S. soil. As a surveillance expert, he knew that. Once on the lamb, Booz-Allen would have put his name out as a fugitive immediately. He couldn’t remain anonymous. Had he kept silent, it would have been all the easier for the U.S. corporate media to paint him as worse than a traitor, unstable, irresponsible, and “young” as if being 29 disqualifies him from obvious talent, intelligence and conscience . If he were a “super-brawny, handsome Dude” instead of a slight, “nerdy” guy, how would the media portray him then?

He also knows things that may still be getting vetted by the Guardian. They may still need him. They have intimated that there will be more to come. As terrifying as the prospect is that the world’s totalitarian governments might get their hands on what he has, given the global corporate fascist plutocracy the world might become if he doesn’t get an opportunity to finish what he started, I’m not sure it would matter. He’s doing what he’s doing because men in this country are spending years in solitary confinement, not  in spite of it.  How many other countries around the world have secret prisons all over the world? Ask yourself, if you had a choice to remain free, knowing how Bradley Manning is being treated, would you so easily choose 1000 days of solitary confinement  before even getting a trial? Would you come forward if you knew the entire system was corrupt to the core and we were headed toward a potential for global corporate fascism? Maybe we’re the ones who should face the consequences. Although more subtle, covert and thus more insidious than Nazi Germany, thanks to carful control of reporting by the corporate media that partner with the richest most powerful milt-nationals, we have allowed our nation to be carefully “crafted” into the most aggressive empire in the history of the world. Whistle blower Sibel Edmonds, formerly with the FBI, is under a permanent gag order with regard to her case. She has since dedicated her life to helping other whistleblowers via her blog/pod Many whistle blowers like Russel Tice, formerly with Air Force Intelligence, Office of Naval intelligence and the NSA, have tried to tell the media what they know. In his case, on June 19, 2013, before an interview he was told the following by an MSNBC producer:

“We Don’t Want a Word on Your Allegations Pertaining to NSA Wiretapping of Obama, Judges  & Activists”

Tice was quoted on Boiling Frogs Post as saying;

“When they were placing the ear-phone in my ear with less than ten minutes left till my air time, the producer in New York said that their lawyers were discussing the material, and at this time, they did not want me to mention anything about the NSA wiretaps against all the people and organizations that I mentioned. That is how it went down. I did say on the

air that I know it is much worse and would like to talk about that some time.”

Snowden is terrified of what he knows, he is trying to tell the world, because the whole world is at stake, not just the Unites States of America. We are focussing on Snowden because the richest .01% want us to. It’s simple. “ Just say no” to trashing Snowden, and say yes do the focus on the Patriot Act, and the replacement of our government by private corporations who seem hell bent on global destruction and domination.


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It’s the Corporations…Stupid

The conservatives parrot Ronald Reagan “…Government IS the problem.” The liberals say “We need Government to protect the people from the corporations…”

The sad truth is, they are both right, and both wrong. We no longer HAVE a government. Our nations’s government has been drowned in Grover Norquist’s Bath tub and replaced with a multi-national corporate board of directors using the framework of our government as a front for corruption…as a spring board into the stinking, stagnant, filthy pool that is NAFTA, the WTO and now the TTP. These trade “agreements” are replacing constitutions and eliminating the protection of civil liberties in countries all over the world. The Koch brothers and global billionaires have used the Tea Party to take down the government with “big government” rhetoric. “Private industry good, public service bad.” Government wasn’t the problem, but it sure as hell is now, so the self-fulfilling prophecy has become reality. Our privatized plutocratic fascist “government” is now truly the problem. By the end of the W Bush coup, plutocrats had seized enough control to allow naive liberals (of which I was 1 in 2008) to bask in the illusion of a return of power to the people, using the pro-government rhetoric to bolster their power. Government had been drowned by then though we didn’t yet realize it. The government that we thought would protect us from the corporations in 2008 only served to further the agenda of the richest and most powerful in the world .

As such we must wake up and stop referring to those in power as our “Government”. If you want to see true Anarchy at work, just go observe a session of congress…absolutely NO governing going on there. In defense of the puppets on capital hill, is it anything other than naive NOT to assume that with billions of dollars at stake, anyone who takes a stand on principal risks ruination? The “NSA”, which has been outsourced to the likes of Booz-Allen & others, would spill the dirt on any congress person who dared do the right thing or worse, spill it on a family member…or create dirt where their was none.

So, where do we go from here? If the corporate media totally ignores a movement against Monsanto 2 million strong, if the plutocrats that control the NSA are aware of every digital conversation we have…how will we mobilize when the crackdown begins?

As spiritual leaders around the world have always said, go within. Maybe if we go within our local communities to work out solutions? We may end up back in the stone age, but we have one another, we have our hands, our gifts and talents to give. Lets keep speaking out in the form of silent protest, with our bodies, looking authorities in the eye with compassion if they come for us, unmoving, as they did in Turkey recently. Soon, the Plutocrats will decree a new “improved” much larger document to replace our constitution…the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the TPP. As Henry Kissinger said in the 70’s, “…illegal we can do immediately. Unconstitutional will take time”.

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