Guilty until not allowed the possibility of being proven innocent

Boston. Obviously, my heart goes out to the victims, but it seems that my even daring to pose the vaguest possibility the accused are innocent until proven guilty seems drastically unpopular…yet that’s supposed to be the law of the land. Will the surviving brother ever have a trial? Aside from the coverage of “shelter-in-place” or “lockdown”…sexy euphemisms for martial law, the residents of Watertown were subject to warrantless search and seizure, which, if you believe the youtube videos, you know was executed abusively in some cases. Does it not seem totally “over the top” to deploy armies of paramilitary to catch one scared, unarmed (when caught) alleged criminal? The corporate media’s coverage of this event feels more like the gossip of neighbors standing on a street corner in Frankenstein’s neighborhood trying to figure out how to “get him!” than actual journalism. “We are told…”, “They have said…”  “We have heard..” precede every statement pertaining to anything evidentiary, almost no one is cited by name as the source of information given when it comes to alleged evidence. Where IS the video of the backpack being dropped? Where are the eyewitnesses to the killing of the MIT officer, the bombs being thrown from the car, the agents either killing the older brother, or the younger one running over him (depending on who you want to believe) in what “sources” tell media was a huge gun fight? Why isn’t the press interviewing the alleged carjacking victim? Where are the interviews with medical staff attending to the younger brother or the person who allegedly led agents to the younger suspect in the boat? Why would they randomly kill an MIT officer in one part of town, then free a carjacking victim in another? Historically, once a suspect is in custody, the evidence is usually thoroughly vetted in the press. Government remains credible for their actions based on such vetting and law enforcement, historically, has usually been anxious to make evidence public to gain support.  We used to be a nation that withheld a rush to judgement and demanded governmental accountability in our media. Has ANYONE outside of our “government” agencies seen or heard any credible evidence against these brothers? Our government has been drowned in Grover Norquist’s bathtub and replaced with a board of directors using our country as a front for corruption. Sad day.


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musician, meditater, social justice enthusiast, gay rights activist. Ponderer of politics, animal lover...the usual.
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