It’s the Corporations…Stupid

The conservatives parrot Ronald Reagan “…Government IS the problem.” The liberals say “We need Government to protect the people from the corporations…”

The sad truth is, they are both right, and both wrong. We no longer HAVE a government. Our nations’s government has been drowned in Grover Norquist’s Bath tub and replaced with a multi-national corporate board of directors using the framework of our government as a front for corruption…as a spring board into the stinking, stagnant, filthy pool that is NAFTA, the WTO and now the TTP. These trade “agreements” are replacing constitutions and eliminating the protection of civil liberties in countries all over the world. The Koch brothers and global billionaires have used the Tea Party to take down the government with “big government” rhetoric. “Private industry good, public service bad.” Government wasn’t the problem, but it sure as hell is now, so the self-fulfilling prophecy has become reality. Our privatized plutocratic fascist “government” is now truly the problem. By the end of the W Bush coup, plutocrats had seized enough control to allow naive liberals (of which I was 1 in 2008) to bask in the illusion of a return of power to the people, using the pro-government rhetoric to bolster their power. Government had been drowned by then though we didn’t yet realize it. The government that we thought would protect us from the corporations in 2008 only served to further the agenda of the richest and most powerful in the world .

As such we must wake up and stop referring to those in power as our “Government”. If you want to see true Anarchy at work, just go observe a session of congress…absolutely NO governing going on there. In defense of the puppets on capital hill, is it anything other than naive NOT to assume that with billions of dollars at stake, anyone who takes a stand on principal risks ruination? The “NSA”, which has been outsourced to the likes of Booz-Allen & others, would spill the dirt on any congress person who dared do the right thing or worse, spill it on a family member…or create dirt where their was none.

So, where do we go from here? If the corporate media totally ignores a movement against Monsanto 2 million strong, if the plutocrats that control the NSA are aware of every digital conversation we have…how will we mobilize when the crackdown begins?

As spiritual leaders around the world have always said, go within. Maybe if we go within our local communities to work out solutions? We may end up back in the stone age, but we have one another, we have our hands, our gifts and talents to give. Lets keep speaking out in the form of silent protest, with our bodies, looking authorities in the eye with compassion if they come for us, unmoving, as they did in Turkey recently. Soon, the Plutocrats will decree a new “improved” much larger document to replace our constitution…the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the TPP. As Henry Kissinger said in the 70’s, “…illegal we can do immediately. Unconstitutional will take time”.


About kontempl8

musician, meditater, social justice enthusiast, gay rights activist. Ponderer of politics, animal lover...the usual.
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