An open Letter…

Sophia Schooley

In response to:  Melissa Harris-Perry;

Dear Melissa Harris-Perry

Inspired by your open letter segment, I decided to to write a letter to you. I have enjoyed you ever since you were a guest on MSNBC as a Princeton professor some years back. I continue to be saddened by the circus that has become most of the media’s negative focus on Edward Snowden, rather than the information he revealed.  Private corporations are using the NSA, and doubtless also the FBI, CIA, DHS, the Pentagon etc. to put into place the apparatus necessary to crack down on civil liberties in ways most Americans can’t even conceive of. Just consider the implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement currently being negotiated in secret that will give multi-national corporations the authority to override laws passed by elected public servants in democracies around the world. Under the TTIP as well as TPP, “trade partners” will grant themselves the authority to sue any country who’s financial or environmental protection laws stand in the way of profit, bleeding tax payers dry. Although I see your point about true activists and whistle blowers facing the music, I don’t think it’s our government Snowden fears as much as mega corporations like the Carlyle Group, who owns Booz Allen Hamilton. Does it occur to anyone in #nerdland that #snowden is trying to draw attention to the extreme lengths that, not the US Gov. as it was, but multinational corps that control gov, will go to apprehend him? Is it Snowden that is creating the spectacle of  closing air space over all of southwestern Europe forcing down the plane of a nation’s president in error?..or is it the Corporate controlled US government? What if a Chinese citizen, having exposed Chinese spying in USA came here seeking internationally legal and sanctioned asylum? Would we be so quick to condemn him to torture, which is what Manning was exposed to.

He left the country because it was the only way to expose the information. They would have seized him before it got to press if he’d opened his mouth on U.S. soil. As a surveillance expert, he knew that. Once on the lamb, Booz-Allen would have put his name out as a fugitive immediately. He couldn’t remain anonymous. Had he kept silent, it would have been all the easier for the U.S. corporate media to paint him as worse than a traitor, unstable, irresponsible, and “young” as if being 29 disqualifies him from obvious talent, intelligence and conscience . If he were a “super-brawny, handsome Dude” instead of a slight, “nerdy” guy, how would the media portray him then?

He also knows things that may still be getting vetted by the Guardian. They may still need him. They have intimated that there will be more to come. As terrifying as the prospect is that the world’s totalitarian governments might get their hands on what he has, given the global corporate fascist plutocracy the world might become if he doesn’t get an opportunity to finish what he started, I’m not sure it would matter. He’s doing what he’s doing because men in this country are spending years in solitary confinement, not  in spite of it.  How many other countries around the world have secret prisons all over the world? Ask yourself, if you had a choice to remain free, knowing how Bradley Manning is being treated, would you so easily choose 1000 days of solitary confinement  before even getting a trial? Would you come forward if you knew the entire system was corrupt to the core and we were headed toward a potential for global corporate fascism? Maybe we’re the ones who should face the consequences. Although more subtle, covert and thus more insidious than Nazi Germany, thanks to carful control of reporting by the corporate media that partner with the richest most powerful milt-nationals, we have allowed our nation to be carefully “crafted” into the most aggressive empire in the history of the world. Whistle blower Sibel Edmonds, formerly with the FBI, is under a permanent gag order with regard to her case. She has since dedicated her life to helping other whistleblowers via her blog/pod Many whistle blowers like Russel Tice, formerly with Air Force Intelligence, Office of Naval intelligence and the NSA, have tried to tell the media what they know. In his case, on June 19, 2013, before an interview he was told the following by an MSNBC producer:

“We Don’t Want a Word on Your Allegations Pertaining to NSA Wiretapping of Obama, Judges  & Activists”

Tice was quoted on Boiling Frogs Post as saying;

“When they were placing the ear-phone in my ear with less than ten minutes left till my air time, the producer in New York said that their lawyers were discussing the material, and at this time, they did not want me to mention anything about the NSA wiretaps against all the people and organizations that I mentioned. That is how it went down. I did say on the

air that I know it is much worse and would like to talk about that some time.”

Snowden is terrified of what he knows, he is trying to tell the world, because the whole world is at stake, not just the Unites States of America. We are focussing on Snowden because the richest .01% want us to. It’s simple. “ Just say no” to trashing Snowden, and say yes do the focus on the Patriot Act, and the replacement of our government by private corporations who seem hell bent on global destruction and domination.



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