…If Corporate “persons” ‘stand their ground’?

Sophia Schooley

We are all aware of the infamy of ‘Citizen’s United’, declaring corporations as persons and money as speech. While we knew it would render our political system a gluttonous, whoring debauchery, I, for one, could never have foreseen what is taking shape before me now.  As such it would seem these ‘persons’ are more like evil villains with super powers. Their voices are heard everywhere. They have the ability to apply force many thousands of times greater than a mere locomotive or speeding bullet.  They are almost omnipresent. As such, their rights trump those of natural persons every time. So, what happens now that we know any person in a “stand your ground” state can kill anyone they deem a threat without consequence? What happens when one of these villains with superpowers feels “threatened” by a peaceful protestor? That is what we stray dangerously close to if the Zimmerman precedent stands. These “shoot first” laws originated with ALEC, a bunch of the biggest, meanest, most powerful  Super Villains. Are they chomping at the bit to mow us down with impunity? With trade agreements shaping and even trumping national law it’s horrifying to imagine what their motives are.  Let’s take the the ‘person’ Gogebic Taconite (sounds like kryptonite). They had hired another super-villain, Bulletproof Securities to ‘stand their ground’ for them, to help them cope with peaceful protestors, now referred to as “eco-terrorists”. Bulletproof Securities is not licensed in WI, so Gogebic Taconite has temporarily suspended their contract with them while they apply for licensure and replaced them with militia men

who are members of a group called the Watchmen of America.

If a single person can get away with stalking and killing an unarmed child, as if hunting for sport, how then are we to defend ourselves from the villains with super powers? Referring to us as eco-terrorists turns logic on it’s head. Those with super human powers destroying the land, air and water in ways more unspeakable than anything read in a Stephen King novel are claiming to be the victims of terrorism while unarmed pacifists trying to stop the destruction are labeled terrorists? If the Anti-Christ is what I think it is, everything that is the opposite of what Jesus stood for, everything that is evil made “good” and all that is good, “evil”…then this is the Ant-Christ fundamentalists should be focused on. If the space ships are coming, I hope they land soon.


About kontempl8

musician, meditater, social justice enthusiast, gay rights activist. Ponderer of politics, animal lover...the usual.
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