Get Wheeler to save open internet access…

Below is a letter I wrote to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. Please write to him and urgently request him to change the rules to regulate broadband as a utility;

Feel free to cut and paste some or all of the letter below and sign your name if you like…

Dear Chairman Wheeler

Since the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine and laws limiting media monopolies, I have watched the gradual degradation of American Media and American Society along with it. Commercial News media in the US has gone from news in the public interest to a Freak Show of anecdotal half truths that serve no purpose other than to distract Americans at best, and blatant lies at worst.  Media has the power to shape history. Today, Dr. King would never be allowed a microphone or even a bullhorn. If the media covered Martin Luther King today, they would be fumbling with their carefully crafted corporate scripts, ignoring the crowds being beaten as they cross the bridge in Selma. We wouldn’t hear the exuberance as Dr. King shouts, “I have a DREAM…” No one would know of Dr. King’s dream, let alone the dreams of countless thousands. The 5 mega-corporations that have seized control of American media would crush any hope of civil rights for laborers, African Americans, women, and minorities. We might even descend back into an era of slavery…this time, some poor will be owned by the rich, the rest left to live in the squalor of decaying infrastructure, poverty and pollution.

Now, the last shred of a free press hangs in the balance; a free and open internet. You MUST move quickly to reclassify broadband carriers as public utilities, subject to the same rules as such. As powerful as your office is, even you, Sir, will not be invited to the party when the curtain falls. Please ask yourself..what kind of society do you want to live in? A civil one I hope, where all are indeed guaranteed certain inalienable civil rights. I believe the time has come to break up these media monopolies, restore the Fairness Doctrine, and return integrity to our commercial media. We should also endeavor to insure that our internet remains, for it is the last bastion of freedom of speech. Thank you for your time.



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musician, meditater, social justice enthusiast, gay rights activist. Ponderer of politics, animal lover...the usual.
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