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…is a forum for me to say some things that I hope are truly important. Because there are so very many voices more eloquent than mine who speak along the same lines, I seek to publish on existing blogs rather than this one and use this forum to promote those voices. One amazing woman I feel I must reccomend and would be even if I did not have a post on her site, is Carolyn Baker. Carolyn is one of the few writers/talk show hosts in the world who is looking at the truth behind the scientific as well as spiritual aspects of climate change and other truths of our age and their implications for the future of Mother Earth. Check out her site and her books. You can read my post on her site here;  Re-Imagining Prosperity

As a musician and writer, I am also a strong proponent of the Open Source Movement. It is critical that we change not only our energy paradigm, but our life style/economic one as well. If climate change doesn’t get us, pollution, capitalism and fascism will.

I hope to compile a list of links that will help spread the word on this issue. If you have a link or other key info around this issue you would like me to post on this blog, email me.


About kontempl8

musician, meditater, social justice enthusiast, gay rights activist. Ponderer of politics, animal lover...the usual.
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