TPP: Treasonous Preparation for the Plummet

      Sophia Schooley

If I were to ask myself who the biggest enemies of the American People are, I’d have to say the billionaire class together with the biggest multi-national corporations and the Chinese government. China has not overtly shown aggression, but it’s very easy to see how they, together with the biggest multi-nationals, are jockeying us into position for one final shove into the abyss. Long before Thom Hartmann sited this excellent article by Barry C. Lynn on his radio program, I have felt this in my bones.

To paraphrase Pres. Richard Nixon, who opened the door to trade with China in 1972; “If we don’t find a way to have discussions, we are on a collision course, years ahead.” China has very skillfully eroded us from within. They will reap a windfall when the global economy crashes just like the robber barons did after the crash of ’29 and the bankster’s and the 1% did after ’08. China, in collusion with multi-nationals, participated in the process of drying up our Government’s revenue stream by taking our jobs, thus crushing our tax base. Corporations itching to pay pennies on the dollar in terms of wages hired Chinese workers, corrupted our political process, put a profit motive in militarization and detention, watered down our regulatory and trade policy  and creatied a massive trade deficit. China holds the lion’s share of global rare earth minerals and gold reserves. They lent us money they knew our Government would spend on the militarization of most of the world so they wouldn’t have to. Then, our own government spent more on the militarization of local police jurisdictions. At the same time, our Government refuses to spend a dime on crumbling infrastructure etc. Does anyone but me see a pattern here? When we can no longer afford the cheap crap they sell at Wall-mart, they will  come and harvest what resources we have left.

trea•son (trēˈzən):

  • Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
  • n.
    A betrayal of trust or confidence.

In my admittedly limited experience, ask any American conservative who they feel the biggest enemy of the US is and I bet most will parrot, “Obama!”. I hate to say it, I mean I really do…but are they right? The Obama administration threatens to jail members of congress if they tell the people they represent the truth about and the details of an agreement with multi-national agents regarding commerce and trade. Our own government is spying relentlessly on it’s own citizens. Our own local governments are gunning us down with impunity in most cases…especially if one is African American. Our own Dept. of Justice refuses to hold Corporate crooks who are destroying our society, accountable. Our own Federal agencies send us letters demanding access to confidential material and threaten us with arrest if we even speak to a lawyer regarding said correspondence. Washington seems to show much more loyalty to China than to it’s own people. We know the DOJ and the Pentagon are arming our police as though preparing them for war against the average American.

Obama says we have to do this deal because of China?…He’s right. We do. We must do away with US sovereignty for China’s sake, after all, they hold the purse strings. China and the big multi-nationals are licking their chops like hyenas going in for the kill. There is no population on Earth despised by big multi-national corps. more than Americans. In their eyes, we cost too much and demand too high a standard of living. The Chinese Gov. couldn’t agree more. Our 20th century was at the expense of most of it’s people in terms of global economy & resource consumption. There’s is a many thousands of years-old economy, once known as the Silk Road. China’s possible perspective? DARE the USA, this young, up-start of a nation, seize control of the world’s assets.

My sense is that if TPA/TPP doesn’t pass, the WTO will decree it the law of the Land… & Sea, globally, whether we like it or not. If a French Corp. can sue Egypt because they raised their minimum wage, who’s to say any corporation couldn’t sue any government over having to pay ANY wage? After all, don’t wages interfere with potential future profits? Fox Con, a Chinese factory, put nets around it’s buildings to catch abused workers who try to jump to their deaths. Remember the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh two years ago?  Workers were not allowed to leave even though they knew the building was about to collapse. I remember hearing of a pregnant woman trapped in the rubble. She gave birth while trapped and she & her baby were later found dead. I don’t mean to sound hyperbolic, in a prison labor camp, anyone? I know I sound alarmist, but it seems Americans are so deeply asleep they need a pretty @#*%!!-ing loud alarm clock to wake up.


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